Hello and thanks for checking out my about page.

my-pictureI’m Brandon, the sports and nutrition addict behind the Portales blog. The site consists of me, my lovely wife and our overactive toddler, because without them to inspire me and support my dream, this little blog would never even exist!

We live in the southern region of the great city of Portales New Mexico where I work as an engineer and I fill my days designing stuff and working.

Although my job is an engineer I have also earned a certificate as a Certified Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach (CSCS) and I occasionally take on trainees and provide them with personal training to help them with their goals.

Whether it’s losing weight, build muscle or overcome specific problems with the body, I have the power to help people with it because I was once overweight and it made me suffer a lot as a young kid. This is also the reason that inspired me to create this portal and reach out to people who might need help on this area.

I enjoy quick wit and late night workouts in the gym and I believe we all should have the right to live healthy without any sickness or ailments that threaten our happiness.

I love working out with anything from weight lifting to long sessions of cardio. I find topics such as nutrition and supplements as fascinating and I love giving people advice on these things for better health/performance.

I also hold a special place in my heart for business and financial education as the importance of knowing how to manage your money in today’s world is super important. So you might see me touch on this topic with my blog posts from time to time.

Thanks for stopping by the portal and I look forward to getting to know you. You can read more about my life as a part time engineer and a gym rat health addicted guy on my blog here.

And here’s a little something for you to kick things off and breathe some new life into this place..


Brandon Brooks