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When I was a kid I always wanted to fly…

What a cool line to begin your first post with! I think It’s the ideal way to open up a story. and I’m going with the motion here. Get used to it because I like to write about what’s on my mind in the moment.

Anyway I remember that as a kid I used to play basketball a lot, but I was never very good at it due to my inability to jump high. The excess pounds on my body were making it hard for me to jump high and therefore I was always outperformed by my rivals.

However a long time has passed since then and today things are looking quite different. I’m no longer fat (and I’m proud to say that). Yet, even after getting lean I still didn’t have that kick in my legs I always wished for when going for a rebound jump or trying to block someone from shooting.

A year ago this was all changed when I discovered Vert Shock, a program that gave me an edge over my competition and improved my vertical jump immensely. I’d like to take the time today to talk about this program as it really made it fun for me to play basketball again, but more importantly, it can truly help young guys who plan to play sports professionally.

Among the many vertical jump training programs I did and all the components I tried to mix, Vert Shock is the most unique system I encountered for jumping higher. It’s a new training program which scientifically guides you through the process of achieving physical strength as well as fostering athletic development.

There’s been a lot of talk about Adam Folker’s Vert Shock program in the past 2 years. The reason for the buzz is because it really revolutionized what people thought about vertical jump training up until then. They even coined the phrase Vert Shocked on it if you’ve made it through the training and you’re still in one piece, as the program is really hard.

Here’s just one example out of hundreds of athletes who tried Adam Folker’s system:


The program not only helped me perform well in basketball and various physical activities, but it also boosted my level of self-confidence. It works by making use of scientific ways of training so that your body is “forced” to do all these great explosive movements. Basically the training Vert Shock provides subjects the body to physical stress under a controlled environment.

One thing to note is that the program is very intense and it puts the body at some risk of an injury, but a trained body will always be less prone to accident and injury compared to an untrained one. Once you are fit and trained, you can expose your body to a lot of uncontrolled physical conditions, without increased risk of getting injured.

Vert Shock Program Software

Vert Shock trains you to jump higher and tests the endurance of your body. It’s an all inclusive package as it includes practically all the things you need for training to jump higher and achieve control and quickness.

The Shock training software has an advanced program you can run on your mobile phone and learn different methods and techniques that can help to improve your vertical leap in real time. This unique software is compatible with most mobile operating systems.

Get ready to fly

Vert Shock not only trained me to leap higher, but it also enabled me to get maximum results for my jump from the workouts. It also included a workout chart which allowed me to start on the training and accomplish visible and positive results each time I trained.

Scientific Nutrition Plan

This system has exclusive training videos which visually demonstrate how the Vert Shock program works, it shows you how to do all the stretching and vertical jump exercises for maximum safety and benefit.

The training also supports your fitness efforts and physical health with its nutrition plan. The Folker system scientific nutrition plan offers detailed instructions on what type of diet you should follow to improve your strength and enhance your physical resistance naturally to withstand against injury and tear. I’m still yet to meet a program that essentially puts your body in a mode of natural muscle development like this one.

Closest Thing to Personal Training

Now here’s the amazing thing with Vert Shock.. apart from the unilateral training it provides, there is an interactive part of this package which lets you engage in one-on-one sessions via the software. During the Pre-Shock, Shock and Post-Shock phases, if you have doubts or queries, you can easily clarify them individually with the creator of the program, Adam Folker over the software.

The guy who’s going to personally train you – Adam Folker

You can surely expect thorough answers to every question you send. This helps to build up your confidence in this program and also motivates you to do better; and eventually improves your vertical jump performance much faster.

Lastly, the vertical shock phases address the concerns of users who have convenient access to weight rooms. Don’t worry though, there’s also effective weight room alternatives in the program that let you follow the program even without using a gym. So guys, if you’re playing sports and you’re doing something that involves jumping or sprinting, allow Vert Shock to be your companion in your effort to improve your vertical and see the difference.

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